Please select from the options below – please note that tours start no earlier than 9 am and in the case of the Gretsch Tour no later than 10 am.  The Hofner (5 hour tour) must start no later than midday.

Prices quoted below are per tour and we can accommodate a maximum of five people. The taxi has wheelchair access.

ORICKENption 1. Rickenbacker Tour – 3 hour tour £60 per taxi

The tour takes you on a journey from childhood to teenage years through to the inception of Beatlemania.  You will visit the homes in which John Paul George and Ringo grew up, the schools they attended and significant locations that catalogue their history including where John was first introduced to Paul.

Also included are the sites that inspired the classic songs you will know and love – Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields and Eleanor Rigby

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Option 2. Hofner Tour – 5 hour tour £80 per taxi

The tour includes all sites as per the Rickenbacker Tour but also takes you on a more intimate journey exploring locations associated with those close to the Beatles throughout their formative years and their early success.

Additional sites include the homes of Julia Lennon, Brian Epstein and both John and Cynthia’s first home together and the honeymoon apartment they used in 1962.Hofner

You will also visit the cinema that John frequented as a boy with Uncle George and later as a teenager with Paul as well as the swimming baths they both visited as boys.

The tour takes in the student home of Stu Sutcliffe where John, Paul, George and Stu rehearsed together during the period that John and Stu attended Liverpool Art School

Also included is a visit to the homes of The Quarrymen band members – Pete Shotton, Len Garry and Ivan Vaughan.

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Option 3. The Gretsch (Bespoke) Tour – 7 hour tour £140 per taxi


If you are a real hard-core fan this tour is for you.
It takes in all the locations mentioned in the other tours but also includes lesser known sites such as the final resting places of Stu Sutcliffe and Mary McCartney and the additional childhood homes of John Paul and George as well as the homes purchased by John and Ringo for family members when they became famous.

The tour includes the venues of their early gigs such as Woolton Village Hall, Litherland Town Hall, Lathom Hall and Broadway Conservative Club  – where John and Paul first performed together (and Paul got ‘sticky fingers’ and vowed never to play lead guitar again).

You will visit The Percy Phillips Studio where The Quarrymen recorded ‘In Spite of All the Danger’ and ‘That’ll Be the Day’. On your journey back into Liverpool you will also have the opportunity to see Liverpool Town Hall balcony where The Beatles had their homecoming on 10th July 1964.

Due to the length of this tour there will be the opportunity to stop to take refreshments and comfort breaks.

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Option 4.  The Ludwig Tour –

2 hour tour £50 per taxi


In a hurry? This tour is perfect for fans who may have limited time, or those of you looking for a quick introduction to the story of the Beatles. It takes in the key locations including the homes of John, Paul, George and Ringo as well as Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields and the resting place of Eleanor Rigby.

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Add The Casbah Coffee Club tour for an extra £20 (only available with The Rickenbacker and The Hofner Tours)


Include a visit to the former home of Pete Best and his family which was transformed by his mother Mona into a coffee bar for local teenagers to hang out at and listen to the music of the era. This tour is conducted by the Best family and takes in the original artwork painted by John Paul and George.

You should allow an additional 90 minutes to the length of your tour if this option is selected

Please note there is a separate entrance fee payable (£15 per person) at The Casbah in addition to the price of the taxi tour.

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Written translations are available in Spanish, Catalan, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, German and Hebrew.